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 Compression Therapy

Calmedi Home Care & Medical Stockings has been working in partnerships with various Doctors, Specialists, Home Care Nurses, Foot Clinics  for over ten years. Unlike other stores where there is a high turnover of fitters, our store has two main fitters; one for eleven years and the other for nine. Product knowledge of all different makes; what makes one a better fit for the unique patient is critical. We service crews of all major airlines including West Jet, Air Canada, and Sunwing.  All the airlines have very strict conditions and requirements for the uniforms worn by their staff - especially Flight Attendants. We stock all the styles and colors required. In cases where special sizing is required, we order such items via express delivery and usually have them in the store for delivery within 3 days. (Subject to suppliers having the item in stock).  

   Compression Stockings come in two main classifications: Off-The-Counter and Prescription graduated compression usually from 5 mmHg to 20 mmHg for pressure. Prescription stockings have graduated compression of 20 to 60mm Hg - the most popular being 20-30 mmHg. While nonprescription graduated stockings do not need fitting, all prescription stockings have to be fitted. Prescription stockings are GST exempt from Doctors' prescriptions.  Due to their great assistance in promoting active health at workplaces, most of the private insurances (through work or other private plans) cover several pairs per year. Please contact your insurance company for your coverage.  

   We have trained and certified fitters on board; one is the co-owner.  She has been providing personalized service for over ten years. She deals with over five different suppliers. Her experience over time enables her to best fit the needs of the clients based on compression, style, height, type of feet and shape of the feet.  All graduated compression stockings come in knee-high, thigh-high and pantyhose. Some have the further option of the open toe and closed-toe. Every supplier has unique styles, fashion, and fits. That's why Calmedi prides itself to offer the best service to assist clients to best fit based on their unique requirements.

   Compression stockings are covered by most of the private insurances. We strongly recommend our clients to inquire with their insurances for a number of stockings coverage. 

   The best time to do fittings is in the morning between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon. This is so that the feet are less swollen to get the correct measurements. In the event of people not being able to book within those hours, we ask patients to sit in the store for 15 minutes with their feet elevated to bring up the blood from the lower feet.

   We recommend patients to book an appointment for fittings.

   Read more for general info on graduated stockings. information

Alberta special needs assistance program

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Allowable items – Special Needs Assistance

   The Special Needs Assistance for Seniors program provides a lump sum payment to eligible low-income seniors. A senior's income level and the type of item applied for will determine the amount funded.

   Items normally funded by the program include appliances, minor home repairs and some health and personal supports. The maximum assistance available is $5,000 in a benefits year.
Some items are not covered, including vacations, gifts to family, and cosmetic home renovations such as upgrades, re-decorating or landscaping.

Which items are not funded
    Special circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have special circumstances, please explain it on a separate page and attach it with your documentation.

Find out which special need items are funded

LIFT CHAIRS are not covered under this program. Please call our store personnel for assistance in applying for the funding. information

Medical Equipment Benefit Programs useful tips

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The NIHB Program offers coverage for a range of Health and Medical Supplies and Equipment items.
Medical Supplies and Equipment Benefits must be prescribed by:

A physician;

A nurse practitioner for certain medical supplies and equipment items, such as bandages, ostomy supplies, wheelchairs; or

A health professional licensed to prescribe by a province or territory and recognized by the Health Canada NIHB Program.

Easter Seals Alberta

Information. The Easter Seals Alberta Program provides specialized mobility equipment for individuals with physical disabilities. Our program makes it possible for clients to acquire power wheelchairs, scooters, and adaptive equipment for home and vehicle. Health and medical coverage. useful tips.Serving Calgary Airdrie Canmore

Private Insurance

Health and Medical. Some medical equipment and supplies are also covered by private insurance. Clients are advised to inquire their insurance agency about the coverage.