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Our background:

The purpose of this online website

The purpose of this online website

We have been in medical Supply business for over 15 years. Our objective has always to be progressive by offering latest appliances and complete shopping experience for our clients as well as the patients of the medical professionals such as Doctors, Occupational Therapist,Nurses as well as long term and independent care facilities.  CalMedi was first online store in Calgary offering quality products online.  CalMedi opened a second store in year 2018 to offer convenience to NE clients and second pick up location.

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The purpose of this online website

The purpose of this online website

The purpose of this online website

To offer quality products at value prices to the informed clients

who need to shop at their convenience and to have 

them delivered at their homes. 

For people who need information about the products and their uses

we recommend them to visit our store or our information

website www.calmedi.ca.

Online prices for most of the items are offered at best value

and by self evaluation of the products and at client's convenience.

People not sure of the products, fit or sizes are requested to visit our store. 

Our staff will fit them but clients have to pay at the store retail price. Small and light Items above $50 and not over 30 lbs have shipping  included (free).

Please see our return policyT

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We will go extra mile

The purpose of this online website

We will go extra mile

We offer medical supplies  and medical equipment rental products that have been qualified by professionals in the field of home care equipment. Staff at our medical supply store may call you to ensure you have ordered the right product. We can answer any questions if you call us at normal  working hours. Serving clients in Airdrie, Strathmore, Calgary and Cochrane

Services, Sales, Repair & Support

Power Lift Chairs  reclining chair with heat and massage covered under seniors program Alberta

Medical Stockings Aircast Braces Fitting

Our online  medical supply store shopping do offer convenience of shopping but when possible, we recommend patients requiring  proper fit and correct product to visit either of our stores in NE or NW.

We have fitters who have been doing fittings over 15 years.

We have trained fitters to fit you with your medical stockings, sports braces or any other medical equipment. We do medical equipment rental online. Serving Cochrane, Strathmore, Airdrie and Calgary.

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Medical Equipment Rentals

Our team will support you in building a healthier you through your recovery from surgery or injury process. We do medical equipment rental of wheelchairs, knee scooters, bath and toilet aids, lift chairs, hospital home care beds, bed rails, walkers, transporters and crutches.  The medical supply store  is close to Foothills Medical Hospital and Mc Craig Tower in NW and Peter Lougheed Hospital in NE Calgary's premium medical supplies store serving Strathmore, Airdrie, Cochrane and Calgary.

Power lift chair reclining chair for seniors Calgary Alberta. Medical supplies

Sales, Service and Repair Support

Our staff at the  medical supply stores in NE and NW take time to understand your unique needs and then offer the  best product to fit and be comfortable. We work hand in hand with  WCB, NIHB, DVA, OTs, Pts, Nurses and private insurance to assist in billing and direct bill in some cases. Among other medical supplies, 

we sell lift chairs, scooters, wheelchairs, bath and toilet aids, walkers, therapy, incontinent products, wound care, catheters, medical compression stockings, knee scooters, braces, and many more. We do medical equipment rentals to clients from Strathmore, Airdrie, Calgary and Cochrane.

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