Samaritan Pad Public Access Defibrillator (NOT AVAILABLE)


The samaritan® PAD, or Public Access Defibrillator, is The latest in the evolution of portable defibrillation, the PAD unit has been improved in function and reduced in weight to a device weighing less than 2 lbs. (with battery 2.4 lbs.)

PochetteSoft Carry Case is included.

The PAD unit utilizes sophisticated algorithms designed to automatically sense patient heart rhythms and to apply a shock only when necessary. It also prompts users in the rescue process - both audibly and visually. The HeartSine samaritan® PAD also improves ergonomics, with only 2 buttons - On/Off & Shock, and with 3 icons which illuminate to provide visual instruction. 

Visual cues

The device also utilizes a revolutionary concept in design whereby the battery and electrode pads are contained in aPadsingle cartridge or PAD-PAK™, with only 1 expiry date for users to monitor.