REVITIVE IX Circulation Booster (online only)

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2012 model REVITIVE IX Circulation Booster has the original IsoRocker™ system and 15 variable waveforms, including the patented Widepulse waveforms.

  • Actively improves circulation
  • Relieves pain and cramps
  • Reduces swelling
  • Strengthens leg muscles
  • REVITIVE IX Circulation Booster

    REVITIVE IX is our innovative device, with its unique IsoRocker, WidePulse waveforms and intensity levels from 1–99. REVITIVE IX increases blood circulation, reduces swollen feet and ankles and alleviates aches and discomfort.

    • 99 Intensity Levels

      99 Intensity Levels

      With 99 intensity levels REVITIVE IX is suitable for everyone, including those with poorer circulation.

    • WidePulse waveforms

      WidePulse waveforms

      Patent pending WidePulse waveforms, our latest breakthrough in circulation technology which results in a more comfortable stimulation.

    • IsoRocker


      Electrical pulses cause the calf muscles to gently tense up, then relax, which in turn causes the REVITIVE device to rock back and forth.

    • 15 variable waveforms for better muscle-habituation

      15 variable waveforms

      Helping to avoid muscle habituation (where muscles start to contract less effectively when repeatedly doing the same thing), REVTIVE IX has 15 variable waveforms, each with a different pattern, to ensure the muscles contract more effectively throughout each session.

    • Revitive TENS body pads

      Electrode Body Pads

      REVITIVE IX includes 2 pairs of body pads to target other areas of the body, such as back, shoulders, arms.

    • Revitive Remote control

      Remote control

      For ease of use REVITIVE IX can be operated with its remote control or manually.