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Two-Wheeled Walker

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    This economical and lightweight walker features plastic glide tips, 1” diameter anodized aluminum tubing, geometric design, and angled front legs. The walker front bar also acts as a support rail for use over a commode bowl. The one-button folding mechanism makes the walker easy to open and close.

  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • GST-Exempt product
  • Includes Glide Tips
  • Can come with one or two button folding mechanism – see first and second images
  • As an option, can also come with Skis and Tennis Ball Glides with Replaceable Glide Pads – See third and fourth images


Tips to Measure for a Walker

    When preparing to buy a walker, you need to make sure it can accommodate your height, especially if you are very tall or short. You may need a special petite walker, or walker leg extensions. Get a friend or family member to help you measure yourself.
1.       Start by standing up straight with your shoes on.
2.       Allow your hands to hang naturally at your sides.
3.       Measure from the crease in your wrist to the floor.
4.       This length should be your handle height.
5.       If possible, choose a walker that adjusts at least one inch higher and lower than your actual measurement so you can adjust it as necessary.

Item could be rented.

This product qualifies for AADL and NIHB funding for eligible people.